Product Catalogues

Today’s customers demand rich, consistent product information from all suppliers. A product catalogue can be a huge undertaking as it is a strategic process of managing your products to ensure the quality of your product data across all of your sales channels. It includes organising, standardising, and publishing your product data into one comprehensive catalogue that can be reproduced via print or published online. It doesn’t matter if your product data is your own or from other suppliers. You need to manage it in a way that ensures accuracy across all of your channels. Once the catalogue is layed out and done it is much easier to make changes and additions from year to year.

Product catalogue management provides your company with a better foundation to grow your business. A well structured and detailed catalogue will allow you to support and stock a larger amount of products that you can sell faster.

At BrandInsight we understand how cumbersome the process can be so we have setup a tried and tested process of creating product catalogues. By implementing a standardised design and layout that is easy to update and change we are able to setup your product catalogue in no time at all.