Logo Design: Lovell Industries

lovell logo

Lovell Industries specialize in the production of top quality plastic food packaging, clear plastic blister packaging, food skillets, clamshell packaging, clear boxes, transportation and shrinkwrapping trays, box inserts, cooling tower media and various other thermoformed plastic related items.

For the design of the new Lovell Industries logo we looked beyond the the scope of what they do and focussed on the name of the company. We wanted to create a simple icon for the logo so that it could be incorportated into their manufacturing process with ease. The first part of the first word, which is "Love" steared us in the right direction. We selected a heart shape for the main symbol as it is a well recognized ideograph used to express the idea of love. When turned on its side it becomes the capital letter "L".

The colour orange is used as it promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy, such as compassion, passion, and warmth. As a complimentary colour bright blue for it's meaning of strength.