Logo Design: HR Onsite

hr onsite logo

Stearing clear of the obvious we looked for inspiration not in the Human Resources side of this company name but in the "on-site" part. If someone or something is on-site, they are in a particular area or group of buildings where people work, study, or stay.

The main symbol in this logo is that of a map marker. The figures inside the map marker is an indicator of persons on-site emphasized by the point of the map marker pointing to the "HR" portion of the company name.

The lower case font choice conveys a message of a young vibrand company echoed by the splash of red that symbolizes assertiveness, daring, determination, energy, and enthusiasm. The electric or brilliant blue ads to the dynamic nature of the logo since it is an engaging color that expresses exhilaration. Some balance was needed and for this reason a grey colour was added as a cool, neutral, and balanced color.