Logo Design: Hagio Pneuma

hp logo

Hagio Pneuma Ministries(HPM) is an organization who in 2017 started going out into the streets, on outreaches to parking lots and then into the city, trying to reach out to the homeless and the broken, with as much food as we could provide for at the time, just to be able to love and minister to them and tell them about Jesus.

The name from Greek losely translates as Breath of God or Holy Spirit and that is represented by the flames. The three seperate shapes within the flame symbolizes the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The vision of the ministry is also three fold where the core ideology is to rescue, healing and purpose.

The colours were chosen for their cool and calming attributes. The colors are associated with meanings of wisdom, serenity, wholeness, emotional balance, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.