Logo Design: EarthInc

EarthInc Logo

The philosophical approach to the EI brand is: “the last time round”.

2019 is the year for change in the earthINC stable. The earthINC branding has been in a process of development for the past 14 years since it was first created. The current approach to the earthINC branding is a maturing process whereby the corporate feel and branding of earthINC has come to its fruition. Together with the rebranding process earthINC is in the process of redefining it purpose and future alignment and focus / planning.
EI operates in the interphase between design / science / business; focusing on the following key areas:

Provides strategic direction, strategy and vision to the development of bespoke business solutions to address organisational risks associated with environment, sustainability and climate change. This is achieved through the recognition of embedded climate change risk in organisations by applying a broad and deep understanding of the multiplicity and trans-disciplinary nature of sustainability risk.

Advocating a new language of climate change by articulating a nouveau taxonomy and typology; where the interconnectedness between natural capital (nature / environment) and climate change are recognised and appreciated in business decision-making.

Application of natural capital in credit decision-making in financial institutions by limiting credit exposure to regional and local climate change influences in large agricultural credit portfolios.

We provide a holistic business perspective to sustainability leadership; with a broad and deep introspective understanding and skill in environmental, social and governance issues; spanning multiple industry sectors. This is foundational in our sustainability training and executive awareness programmes focused at multiple management levels and industry sectors.

We work within the interphase between complex environmental and social issues and global agricultural value chains, where disruption and primary resource integrity has become the new normal. Providing deep operations visibility of the sustainability risks within the horizontal and vertical supply elements of complex agricultural value chains, thereby future-proofing the value chains through embedded resilience and adaptation strategies.

Design Precepts:

  • Strong stylization
  • Simple – sleek
  • Strong graphics – identifiableClean – ‘Swedish Design’
  • Modern – timeless
  • Less is more
  • NOT contrived
  • Strong stylistic elements
  • Versatility