Book Cover Design

No matter how much time is spent on getting people to a book sales page or website, they won’t download a sample or buy the book if the cover isn’t enticing.

A strong cover is a “make or break” element of any Book

Avid fans of printed books claim that there’s still nothing like the smell of paper and the rustle of the pages as the reader flips gently through the book with their fingers. There’s something intimately rustic about the entire experience, they claim, and it’s one that cannot be derived from the cold, electronic eBook version.

Although we’ve been taught not to judge books by their covers, the fact remains that Books live and die by their first impressions on potential readers. Sure, the content of your book needs to deliver, but a strong cover is a “make or break” element of any Book.

Our philosophy is simple: "making a great book cover isn’t just about designing, it starts with understanding". Understanding not just the book, but the intention of the author as well and finding the point of the book.

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