Takudzwa and Jack

Takudzwa and Jack
This is a heart-rending tale of two young boys, one black, the other white, growing up in Rhodesia. They develop a brotherly love rarely experienced in Africa, sharing the joys and hardships of life. Thrust into a cruel and vicious African bush war, both fighting for two different ideologies, one, of struggle and resistance against white rule, whilst the other, against black majority rule and the preservation of 'civilised standards'. This story takes one on an emotional roller-coaster ride of joy, sadness, and unwanted prejudice. It will touch one's heart, disclosing the reality of racism and the wheels that drive it forward. However, you will be drawn in by a love that reaches deep into one's soul, that will uplift you, taking you into a time in history that for some, shall never be forgotten. This book will leave you dwelling on the story far into your future, a story written with unabated passion, touched by kindness and a reality that holds true - just the way it was.

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  •  Author: Barry Stranack
  •  Print Book ISBN: 978-0620963091
  •  E - Book Available From: AMAZON
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